Investors' Council

Annual Plan of Work

Foreign capital and investment are crucial to Slovenia’s growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and its success in increasing exports. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) boosts the economic activity and productive capacity of a country, directly influencing the GDP. It encourages economic growth, job creation, technological progress, and raises the living standards for the population.

FDI is crucial for a country's GDP because of several factors: Capital Inflow, Job Creation, Technology Sharing, Increased Production and Output, Export Growth, Multiplier Effect, Higher Tax Revenue, Broadening of the Economy and more.

For this reason, we have established the Investors' Council to boost FDI from the UK to Slovenia and to continue supporting both current foreign and domestic investors.

Slovenia boasts a skilled and well-educated workforce, with high proficiency in English. To become more attractive to foreign and domestic investors, other issues must be addressed, such as:

  1. political and social stability,
  2. efficient, transparent regulations, and reduced bureaucracy,
  3. an attractive tax environment, especially income tax for a talented workforce,
  4. investment Incentives and benefits,
  5. strong infrastructure and connectivity,
  6. minimal corruption and enhanced transparency, especially in public procurement.

Access the Charter for Councils here.

Council structure


  • Bo Karlsson (Arriva)
  • Patrick Davidson (Matterhorn IDC)

Expert Facilitator

  • Denis Mancevič (NC3 Global)

Council Members

  • Azra Begič Milanez (A Tax International)
  • Tomaž Čepon (ADASTRA Energija d.o.o.)
  • Aleš Šifrer (Arriva)
  • Alenka Končina (Astra Zeneca)
  • Simona Špilak (BOC Institute)
  • Saša Sodja (CMS Reich Rohrwig Heinz)
  • Michal Maco (Corwin Slovenija)
  • Andrej Poklič (GKN Driveline Slovenija)
  • Boštjan Trilar (Heads Adriatic)
  • Inja Anzi Molan (INA Slovenija)
  • Boštjan Čeh (Labena)
  • Imre Balogh (Lon)
  • Nina Čuden (Odvetniška družba Sibinčič Novak & Partnerji)
  • Gregor Pajek (Odvetniška pisarna Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik in partnerji)
  • Uroš Čop (Odvetniška pisarna Senica & Partnerji)
  • Matija Urankar (Odvetniška pisarna Senica & Partnerji)
  • Gregor Tim Grünfeld (Polifen)
  • Jon Fuge (Renishaw)
  • Justin Young (Slovenia Estates)
  • Rolf Mueller-Gruenow (Steklarna Rogaška)
  • Anđelko Burić (Titus Plus)
  • Robert Pavletič (Titus Plus)
  • Božo Černila (Trimo)
  • Polona Adamič (Trimo)
  • Miha Košak


Please contact us to find out how to become a member of the Investors' Council.

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