Chapter Zero Launches in Slovenia: A Call to Action for Boards in the Wake of Climate Change

Chapter Zero Slovenia, an initiative aimed at mobilising boards of companies to take positive action in response to climate change, has launched. With its inception, Chapter Zero Slovenia will join the global Climate Governance Initiative and focus on developing competences of supervisory and management boards of companies in Slovenia to make climate change a boardroom priority. Chapter Zero Slovenia is especially honoured that Chapter Zero Slovenia is taking place under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, PhD. The British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce assumed the role of host organisation and developed the Chapter together with the Slovenian Directors' Association and Deloitte Slovenia.

The Climate Governance Initiative, an initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, empowers board directors around the world to address climate change by committing to the eight Climate Governance Principles (see more), in order to recognise that climate action is an integral part of good corporate governance. This is achieved by developing and supporting national initiatives in each country, known as Chapters, that equip their members with the skills and knowledge needed to make climate a boardroom priority.

The Climate Governance Initiative currently has 23 active Chapters around the world, representing more than 50 countries and 100,000 members. Chapter Zero Slovenia will be the 24th active Chapter to launch.

“In recent years, climate change has posed an increasing risk not only to humanity, but to the entire planet and the global economy. It is clear that climate change needs to be addressed collectively - by individuals, businesses and governments. Active and ambitious engagement of industry, finance and business in mitigating and adopting to climate change is crucial. That is why we have launched Chapter Zero Slovenia, a ground-breaking step towards achieving this goal in our country” says Miha Košak, Honorary Chairman of Chapter Zero Slovenia and Vice-Chairman of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Mojca Markizeti, Head of the Working Group of Chapter Zero Slovenia and ESG and Climate Director at Deloitte Slovenia, explains: "We are at a tipping point, where on a global scale we have the knowledge and technology to tackle climate adaptation and mitigation, and all the lights are now shining towards the companies and accountability of their supervisory and management boards."

"The Slovenian Directors' Association is proud to be part of Chapter Zero Slovenia. The environmental impact of business and the importance of climate change must become one of the priorities of Slovenian companies. Chapter Zero Slovenia will enable us all to actively participate in the development of the relevant competences and to build awareness of the members of their management and supervisory bodies," adds Gorazd Podbevšek, Chair of the Slovenian Directors' Association.

Chapter Zero Slovenia is a climate change initiative with a goal to promote responsible business and sustainable development standards in Slovenia, aiming to:

improve boards’ climate change awareness and their understanding of risks and opportunities that climate change brings,

develop competences, skills and knowledge of supervisory and management boards of companies in Slovenia to start addressing and tackling climate change and make climate change a boardroom priority,

understand the role boards play in addressing risks and opportunities related to climate change to ensure the long-term resilience and success of their business.

To meet these ends Chapter Zero Slovenia will organise various live and online events free of charge, record podcasts, share knowledge and invite its members to events and workshops organised by other Chapters.

Being a member of Chapter Zero Slovenia is free of charge and open to not only Chairs and CEOs but crucially to all members of supervisory and management boards, as well as sustainability and climate change experts, and any other parties who wish to join us on this endeavour. Those interested can join by completing a form available at

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